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Sunday, January 9, 2011

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[Arrogant Resolutions] #1: Mythbusters: “N*ggas Ain’t Sh*t

Arrogant Resolution #1: Mythbusters: “N*ggas Ain’t Sh*t

I’m sorry to break the news to all the women who have grown up believe this principle but it is definitely a myth.

I never had a “niggas ain’t shit” moment until I allowed myself to be treated like I wasn’t shit. You may not believe this, but it is scientific fact, the law of attraction is very real. Psychologically, you have accepted being lesser than your actual worth, and so you begin to attract people who treat to you accordingly. This rule doesn’t just apply to dating, but it applies to all the people who are around you. The value you put on yourself is in direct correlation with the people in your life. You are around “not shit” people because you accept it.

If you grow complacent and accept that you have mediocre friends, you will always have mediocre friends. If you accept that you always have unsuccessful relationships, you will always have unsuccessful relationships. It is not until you challenge yourself and decide that you want more, that more will come to you.

So in 2011, I challenge you to resolve to hold yourself at a higher standard. Do not accept people into your life who treat you like less than you are worth and don’t continue to give your all to people who are giving back into your life.

Try this: Make a list of the character traits you want in friends, business acquaintances, and a significant other. Stray away from “I want a 6 foot 7 stallion” but focus more on qualities like being dependable, and ambitious. And make a conscious decision to distance yourself from people who don’t have those qualities. I promise that if you believe that you deserve these sort of people in your life, they will begin to come to you.

Make an Arrogant Resolution in 2011.

Friday, January 7, 2011

When Confidence Is Not Enough: Arrogant Images 2011

Excellence is the ability to perform at a high level over and over again.
- Shawn Corey Carter

In 2011, I've resolved to push my creativity and increase my hustle. Ambition is nothing without drive. #NoDaysoff

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