Arrogant Images

Arrogant Images
My second Home

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I am chopping through drama like an animal ready for slaughter. I am cutting off all the fat out of my life like a steak leaving only the best cut of filet mignon.

Call me the butcher

I am surgically removing every mole, growth, illness and diseases that has attacked it self to me, the ones who try to infiltrate my system, move through my blood stream and attack my heart.

Call me Dr. Carter

I am pulling up all the weeds of negativity in my garden. I am cutting off every thorn, and I am pruning myself to be a prize winning plant that grows and thrives and flourishes.

Call me Edward Scissorhands

I am raising a sword to every obstacle, facing it face to face and fighting it like a man. I leave them lame in defeat with my initials carved in their chest.

Call me Zorro

I am degrading every hoe of the system, raping the game and continuing as a criminal of revolution.

Call me R. Kelly

I am chopping Wayne’s “Love me or Hate me” and mixing it with Jay’s “99 problems” and slowing it way down so that everybody can understand my attitude

Call me DJ Screw

I am cutting my hair, clipping my nails and cutting my shirt and shorts so that everybody will be sure to see the real me. Love me or leave me alone. And if a problem should every spring up again, it won’t be hard to remove, because I just wanna cut…

Bitches vs. Sisters

Jay-Z says:

Sisters get respect
Bitches get what they deserve
Sisters work hard
Bitches work your nerves
Sisters hold you down
Bitches hold you up
Sisters help you progress
Bitches will slow you up
Sisters cook up a meal, play their role with the kids
Bitches in street with their nose in your biz
Sisters tell the truth
Bitches tell lies
Sisters drive cars
Bitches wanna ride
Sisters give-up the ass
Bitches give-up the ass
Sisters do it slow
Bitches do it fast
Sisters do their dirt outside of where they live
Bitches have niggers all up in your crib
Sisters tell you quick "you better check your homie"
Bitches don't give a fuck, they wanna check for your homie
Sisters love Jay cuz they know how 'Hov is
I love my sisters, I don't love no bitch

I say:

Bitches should know their hoeing only makes us stronger
Sisters have mastered the game, they been in it longer
Bitches always falter, constantly makes mistakes
Sisters know bitches wanted to be sisters but couldn’t make the breaks
Bitches offer nothing
Sisters bring the whole table
Bitches can’t do nothing right
Sisters are always able
Bitches envy everybody
Sisters envy no one
Bitches is always waiting on a man
Sisters ain’t never waiting for no one
Sisters are looking for love
Bitches just know lust
Sisters want to make love
Bitches just wanna fuck
Sisters want to upgrade
Bitches just trying to get their bills paid
Bitches only like you when you are hot
Sisters stand by you when you’re cold
Bitches are a dime a dozen
Sisters break the mold
Sisters are too kind
Bitches show no sympathy
Bitches are there when they wanna be
Sisters show up right when they need to be
Sisters stand tall
Bitches get beat
Bitches get sent home afterwards
Sisters go to sleep
Bitches come and go
Sisters are here to stay
Bitches make you regret
Sisters are the ones who got away
Bitches make yo momma frown
Sisters make yo momma smile
Bitches are baby’s mommas
Sisters are the mother of your child
Bitches won’t cry for you
Sisters love you like their own kin
Bitches are admired by boys
Sisters are reserved for grown men

Writer's Block

I feel like my right hand caught a cold and the store is all out of that nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever so you can write good medicine.

I feel like the left side of my brain sent a text message to the right side of my brain talking about some hot shit to write about, and the right side of my brain had a sidekick and never got the message.

I feel like I was driving down the Poetry highway, trying to exit on Alliteration Ave. and my car stopped because the price of a decent rhyme scheme is damn near as much as gas.

I feel like I was trying to talk to inspiration and creativity at the same time and they found out, both got mad and dumped me.

I feel like writing a verse about nothing and putting T-Pain on the hook and going platinum.

I feel like my thoughts are stuck in my brain like ketchup in a glass bottle and I can’t find a knife to dig it out.

I feel like everybody else writing is so cold that it gave me brain freeze and now I can’t write my own.

I feel like I should be like Lil Wayne and try to disguise biting by calling it recycling cause I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this poem before.

I feel like I'm lock in the cell on D-Riters Block waiting on somebody to break me out...