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Monday, April 22, 2013

Utterances of Ambition: Entry 1

Sick of being sick. Tired of being tired. Disgusted with complaining of complacency. Change it. Here am I again writing about the same thing. Ambition. Funny enough I feel the most inspired when I'm tired. Even as I make moves to be come the best me, the best me doesn't seem to show herself soon enough. Then the fear creeps in. I have no shame in confessing that I am afraid; scared of being trapped in bullshit corporate America, feeling like I've become a financial slave to system, scared that the mundane nature of my day to day existence is slowly draining every ounce of creativity from my body. Mediocrity seems to be like a virus. You can run from and it try to guard yourself like an hypochondriac, obsessing, watching, and avoiding. But sooner or later, it catches you or rather you catch it and it spreads through every part of your body, every facet of your existence, until you look in the mirror and see a sorry reflection of your former self. I, for one, am not about that life. I will not allow my dreams to wither away like the esteem of a battered woman or go up in smoke like the agenda of a dope fiend. I won't be consumed by complacency and dwell in like a potent potion. I will refrain from sulking in the pity parties of one. I will not complain. I will not hesitate. I will not doubt. I will accomplish. I will achieve. I will be great. There is no other option.


Green Goddess said...

u r great: ) U've always been a leader, reliable and available. I beleive in u: )

Bradford J. Howard said...

Hate to make this an astrology thing, but Capricorns and complacency have never mixed. Ever.

I don't see you ever being comfortable in the corporate world. You want too much and aim to do too much for that. And I, as one of the millions (well, hundreds, currently, but it'll be millions in due time), can't wait to see you ascend. Due season... stay pushing.